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    Plugin category: Fun, Miscellaneous, and Admin Tools

    Suggested name: MajicArcher

    What I want: Basically what I want is a Archer Class with special abilities, and cool perks. This class will be available in my servers shop. Basically what I want is what Archers do. Upon commands (Down Below) /arch on the player will be given a Bow that says Archer's Bow. One of the abilities is when someone is in Archer Mode and shoots someone in the head, it is an automatic kill. The bow has unlimited uses, but the EXP Bar will show when the seconds its on Cool-Down (Cool-Down changeable in the Config). When the player dies in Archer Mode, the bow will drop but in the Normal mode, and the player will have to wait to use /arch on (Configurable in the config). When the player activates the Archer Mode it will say You have successfully activated the Archer Mode! And when they disable the Archer Mode it will say You have turned off the Archer Mode! When an admin does /arch disable You have disabled Toggling on and off from the Archer Mode. To activate it again do /arch enable. When they activate it again it will say You have activated the Toggling on and off on the Archer Mode! When the player tries to go into Archer Mode when the plugin is disabled it will say Archer Mode is currently unavailable at the moment. Go to <removed advertising - Iroh> for more details on this Class, Thank you! When the player dies in Archer Mode it will say You have died while in archer mode! Please wait (Time in config) to use /arch on again.

    Switching through the modes will activate by Left-Click the Bow.

    The lore will show what it can do:

    Explosive: Shoots an arrow that causes an explosion on impact.
    Fire: Shoots a fire arrow, and lights the Mob/Player on Fire
    Eagle Eye: Shoots an arrow that is twice the speed and does DOUBLE damage from afar.
    Slowing: Shoots an arrow that adds Slowness for 5 seconds, and Nausea for 3 seconds.
    Double: Shoots 2-3 arrows at once, dealing the amount of damage of the arrows shot. (i.e 3 arrows shoot = 3x damage, 2 arrows shoot = 2x damage).

    Ideas for commands:
    /arch on - Makes them into the Archer Mode, and has a special bow.
    /arch off - Takes them back to normal mode, and makes the bow back to normal.
    /arch reload - Reloads the config file
    /arch disable - Disabled the Toggling off, and on mode. (Turn the plugin off)
    /arch enable - Enable the Toggling off, and on mode. (Turn the plugin on)
    /arch help - Message will be set in the Config File
    /arch modes - Gives the player a list on what modes the bow can be put into (Explosives, Fire, Slowing, etc etc).
    /arch donate - Gives the player a link on where to buy the class, and the description of the class (Configurable).
    /arch tell {message} - Tells ALL the archers a message.

    Ideas for permissions:
    ma.reload (Admin's)
    ma.disable (Admins's)
    ma.enable (Admin's)
    ma.tell (Admin's)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it can be done :D
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    Apart from the huge scale of this plugin, I feel it is necessary to point out that you cannot distinguish headshots from body shots due to the nature of the hitbox.

    Also, nobody will make this in 5 days.
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    Actually you can differentiate between bodyshots and headshots you just cant differentiate between torso legs ect
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    My mistake, appologies.
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    Is it possible?

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