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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Crafter2352, May 19, 2015.

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    hello! just looking for a dev to creative a plugin that creates a custom enchant called 'Magnetic Touch' meaning when someone mines a block with it it goes right into their inventory. also if u dont mind adding a 'per world' part in the config. and also making it so that it will be put on the tool in their hand with s command like ./mt <1;2;3> (1;2;3= the higher the level i.e 3 the farther items can be picked up from when mined) make sure there a permission for this. i can add the eco side of it with a plugin i got. also if its posible to custom craft tnt with this so they can buy special gunpower lvl 1;2;3 (1;2;3 being the same basis as above) that can be crafted with sand and used for blast mining (thus overriding the fact that som block blown despawn so they get al blocks).

    i'd be happy to give a dev rank for who ever can do this, and would be an active dev for our server!

    Thanks Alot!

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    I believe that I will be able to do this, it may take a bit of time, but I will try to get this done soon.
    Edit: I have the enchant finished, but not the TNT, I need to know what you wanted the recipie to look like. Also, what would the different levels do for the tnt? Different powers? Thanks
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    so for the tnt each has a stronger blast mining radius though no blocks despawn instead they all go into the inventory of the blast miner. and for crafting if when they kill creepers theres a random chance of picking up 'charged gunpower'.
    for the crafting for the lvl 1 its a 2x2 of charged gun powder in a work bench for lvl 2 its the same as normal tnt but with the charged gunpowder, and with lvl 3 its the full crafting bench

    Thanks To
    for building this!

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