Magma powered furnace

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ray landers, Jan 9, 2011.

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    ray landers

    with flowing magma at the back of it, not stationary magma, a furnace that would never need fuel.
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    hmmm, gameplay breaking, but possible, just not yet, we still need an interface with furnaces which allows us to set fuel level.
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    ray landers

    i hadn't really thought of it as game breaking till you mentioned it.
    i think you might be right.
    wood is what i use now exclusively to heat with since it is infinitely renewable.
    but with a magma stove, it could change my tree planting habits quite a bit.

    perhaps the game IS better off without this addition, and thank you for pointing it out.
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    Heh, game breaking, y'all? I dunno. Don't get me wrong, I've said to myself "I've got this stuff I need to smelt... BUT NO FUEL!" a time or two. ...They were all just in the first 15 minutes of starting a new world.

    I read somewhere (IIRC) that coal is like 2.5% of all blocks spawned where the nominal blocktype is smooth stone. That is, the world generator generates a bunch of smooth stone areas, and then goes back and turns one in every ... 40? On average. Into coal.

    My point is, coal is stupefyingly common on Planet Minecraft. It's not technically renewable, you can technically deplete it, but any area-mining project, even a modest-scale one, usually results in an inventory clogged with cobblestone, gravel, and two full stacks of coal you weren't even trying to GET. Inside about an hour. You only have to go look for coal one time in a Minecraft world unless you happen to die and lose everything; after that, exploring for other stuff incidentally gets you all the coal you could ever need.

    So, that brings me around to the point of my post: Mr. Landers, I approve of your Captain Planet no fossil fuels stance, but surely you know it's unnecessary. To tehbeard and ray landers: It wouldn't be gamebreaking to have an infinite furnace, because in effect nearly all players have an infinite furnace in the form of effectively unlimited coal resources. I would in fact say that while an infinite magma-fueled furnace would thus be completely unecessary, it would sure be rather nifty.

    To editorialize slightly, it seems sort of Dwarf Fortress-ish. Like, you find magma, and you make a magma stove out of it, and bam, your heat needs are over with, as long as you're by that magma of course. In Minecraft, since you can move lava to your heart's content with a bucket, it seems less exciting. However, as Dwarf Fortress partially inspired Minecraft, I'm actually for the inclusion of this feature in a mod for pretty much thematic reasons alone. Gameplay-wise it kind of makes no difference.

    EDIT: Holy runon sentence, Batman!
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    For testing purposes then? :p
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    It could be feasible to make it "hard" to make a magma furnace, say it needed the furnace to be part of a 3x3x2 obby shell to contain the lava, and this shell had the possibility (1/400 everytime it is right clicked say?) of losing a piece when the furnace is used and being unusable till it was repaired? This would mean some design consideration needed to prevent burning a house down.

    @ray i didn't mean to crush your dreams of a DF style base with magma tech, just point out that one flaw.
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    Perhaps make some other ways to fuel a furnace? Solar power perhaps? :p

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