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    Plugin Category: Class -School-

    Suggested Name :

    Versions : 1.10.2

    What I want :
    A class plugin which work with Magic plugin by NathanWolf

    Ideas for Commands :

    Command Description Permission
    /Class create <CLASS> <Max-Students> Professors can create a class at their location and will be saved
    /Class ready <CLASS> Shows to the server that this class is ready and allows students to join the queue by clicking in the message or /class join (CLASS)
    /Class open <CLASS> Professors can open a class and all students in the queue will be teleported to the class
    /Class start <CLASS> Starting class will notify students and stop people from joining, will also let students use their class commands.
    /Class end <CLASS> The professors can end the class returning everyone to a warp location
    /Class AddPlayer <Player> Professors can add players into the class after it has begun
    /Class Grade <GRADE> Professors can grade the item being held in their main hand
    /Class List List all created classes
    /Class Mute Professors can prevent a class from speaking in chat
    /Class Call <Player> Notify class that you have picked a student to speak and will be granted permission to speak even if class is muted. Typing this again will revert.
    /Class Give Give the class the item stack in your main hand
    /Class Spawn <Player> Teleport a student to class spawn
    /Class SetSpawn <CLASS> Sets the class spawn at your location
    /Class PRH Pick a random hand
    /Class CRH Clear raised hand requests for the PRH command
    /Class Magic Toggle the magic plugin during classes by NathanWolf : Magic
    /Class ToggleRH You can toggle when students may raise their hands
    /Class Queue Shows how many students are in or queued for your class.
    /Class AddHelper <Player> Add a helper for the duration of the class without giving them a permission
    /Class RemoveHelper <Player> Remove a temporary helper.
    /class gatherwork Open a GUI with all players work

    Student Commands :

    /rh Allows students to notify the professor that they wish to speak, a message will be shown to the class
    /turnin Opens a GUI for players to insert their work, closing GUI will transfer work to /GatherWork GUI
    /Class leave Player will leave a class and return to their last location
    /Class join <CLASS> Alternatively the player can join a specific class using this command, typing it again will leave the class

    Ideas for permissions:
    class.addhelper (Helpers can /class kick /class grade /class addplayer /class gatherwork /class spawn)


    When I'd like it by : 10 days
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