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  1. I have recently created a server which is magic themed. I'm looking for all of the best, most amazing, magic plugins out there! I want this server to be as close to being modded as possible, but still bukkit. The plugins will have to be usable for the craftbukkit 1.7.10 build. I'm looking for everything from item lore, to particle trails, to custom biomes, to all out OP Wizard Battle stuff. (Preferably I would like most of the "spells" to use particles, be easily configurable, and be castable via talking in the chat)
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    Can't wait to see what cool plugins you guys can pull together!
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    *Shameless self advertisement incoming*
    Well, if you are looking for Plugins which make your Server look like a modpack, take a look at my Plugin Slimefun (Link is in my signature).
    There are also plenty of addons available and I have also a Harry Potter themed Addon planned which adds an EXP/Level System as well as different Wands with multiple Spells.
    However Slimefun also adds a lot of tech based Stuff, but you can disable everything in the Items.yml
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    WaterBendingDragon You should add in what you want to your description you cant just say
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