Magic Books [Needed Badly]

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Magic books!

    What I want: A plugin where you can use books to cast spells (let me be more specific)
    Example: You right click holding a book and it says [You have activated lightning strike]
    You click and it strikes lightning where your looking but you cant spam it if you click it to fast it says
    [This spell has a cooldown of 30 seconds]
    I would like as many spells as you can make
    arrow rain
    (any more would be great but if you add one that modifies the enviorment can you make it revent so people dont destroy everything)

    Ideas for commands: (Dont need commands really)

    Ideas for permissions:
    (you get it)
    When I'd like it by: week or 2
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    How would you like the way to change spells to be?
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    a right click with book in hand
  4. Nice idea! I'll try it
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    You can do this with the plugin
    and the add-on plugin

    I have my server setup this way, rather than players "knowing" the spells and being able to cast them at will (provided they have the mana and/or reagents) which you can also do with this plugin, rather than that I have it set up so they don't need mana/reagents and can't "learn" the spells but rather buy limited-use scrolls from a scroll shop I have set up.

    It gives you "paper" with special info attached to it that marks what spell it casts and how many uses are left. You just right-click with the "scroll" in hand (paper) to cast it. When you mouse scroll to change items in hand when you switch to a scroll it tells you in the chatbox what spell it is and how many uses, that's how you tell them apart since it uses paper for every scroll
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    I cant use those first half of them break on my server second My server uses spout and already has custom wands so people would ask why those arnt used, so I want it to be books and the only book one that does this is like 6 months outdated
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    You can use custom wands by typing the custom ID, I guess(I don't use spout). MagicSpells is very good, you should try it. And if the plugin breaks on your server, is because you edited something wrong.
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    I'd still just rather have this plugin how I want it...
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    Thank you very much :)
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    seems pointless to create a clone of a plugin that can already do this. Magic spells can do every single thing you have asked in this thread. Just gonna be another copy plugin out there. You want this plugin setup the way your asking, just so you don't have to do any configurations. just seems a bit lazy way to run a server tbh.
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    Dang it I was working on it x-x

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