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  1. [​IMG]
    AutoBukkitServer is back - as AutoMCServer!
    Automatically set up your own Minecraft server
    The premier auto minecraft server maker
    Only for Mac!
    Supports Bukkit, Spigot, and Vanilla


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    Just run the program and choose some options to install a server!

    * Install your own Minecraft server in minutes
    * Choose which server type to use (Bukkit/Spigot/Vanilla)
    * Easy automated setup
    * Progress bar, many options, fancy GUI.
    * Over <font color="rgb(0, 128, 0)">30,000 </font>servers set up (Most when this was AutoBukkitServer)

    - This tool is only for Macs.
    - Spigot and Bukkit take longer as they need to compile from scratch, using BuildTools.

    Please like and donate if this helps you! Everything counts!

    For problems with the installer, please post here.
    Thank you for using AutoBukkitServer!
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  2. Well, no comments and 10 downloads, so I must have done something right ;p
    EDIT: Since this post there have been many many more downloads
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    This is the first time that I've gotten craftbukkit to run on a mac C:!!! Really impressive!!!! WOW
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  4. Yay! 182 Downloads wow! Thanks guys!
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    I downloaded this on the day the latest reccomended build was released. I have a MacBook Pro, and I wanted to make a bukkit server. However, when I downloaded, it took a while to make a CraftBukkit folder. Then I started having problems with my laptop. Windows would 'cloud' my desktop, and if I dragged the window, the window would repeat over and over, and the only way I could get rid of it would be dragging my mouse over the clouds. Now my laptop crashes repeatly, and Minecraft won't even open. What shouLD i do?
  6. sushi9
    Umm, never had this happen before. Other than running the program, what were you doing on the computer?
    Another question:
    What is in the CraftBukkit folder?
    What do the windows look like?
    Are you an administrator?
    Is the AutoBukkitServer program still open?
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    I was playing around on Safari,
    There is nothing in the CraftBukkit folder
    The windows are safari and pages
    Uh, what do you mean by admin, like on a server or ?
    The program won't close.
    And something I forgot to add, I got Minecraft to open but the screen flickers and crashes when I go on multiplayer
  8. sushi9 I'm sorry this happened;0 I can't find anything that might have caused this. But:
    Command-Option-Esc Then force quit my program. If this still doesnt work, let me know.
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    Its no problem, my dad thinks that a virus might have piggybacked on the program, so not your fault at all.
  10. O.O I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope you get it fixed!
  11. Should I add something that pops up after it finishes? ;/
  12. Even though I don't need this... YES something Mac only YES!
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  13. Lmao, Yes, I only like Macs xD

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  14. When Ever I Try To It Just Comes Up With A Window That Says Something Rather About The Server And Won't Go Away. The CraftBukkit Folder Is Empty Too. Please Help Me :]
  15. Have you clicked start?

    Oh, fail, I found a bug. It only works if you download it to your desktop. :(
    EDIT: No, wait, its not that. The install file needs to be in the place where it you select.
    EDIT: Not that either... It only doesn't work when there are spaces in the name of the directory you select..
    Added that to the description

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  16. Is it ready to use right away? Or do I have to install the basic minecraft server software too? Please respond, I'm hopeless without an explanation...
  17. Ready to use right away! (after you run it)

    After you install it, server starts automatically, and you can add plugins to the plugins folder:)

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    IT works now :) This is the best auto bukkit serverstarter ever!!
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    Wait is this only for premium users? no cracked?
  20. Obviously. Cracked users deserve to go to hell.
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    [​IMG]Awesome! Thanks :)
  22. Yes I Did Im Not An Idiot

    It Still Don't Work For Me Same Thing Happens

    Oh Sorry It Does It Just Took About An Hour. You Should Put A Time Thing Saying It May Take A While

    This Is So Good THANKS SO MUCH. I Built A Server On My Pc But It Was Harder On Apple So Thanks So Much. Do You Think You Can Make An AutoPortForwarder Thing For Port Forwarding Cause I Cant Seem To Get It Right!!!! Thanks So Much. If You Can Make One PM About It!!???

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    Oops! I accidentally stopped the server with Command+Q. Now it won't start up again. I tried reinstalling the Auto-Bukkit-Server, and it still doesn't work! What do I do?
  24. you just have to run the server_starter.command file to start the server
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    OK, so I did everything listed, and this happens in terminal. Is there any way to fix this, because the serevr isn't
    Picture 2.png

    PS: look at attached image
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  26. open up the starter.command file and find where it says "-Xmx4G" and change it to "-Xmx2G"
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  27. No computer right now, sorry, use a proxy:p
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    Ok Question once its setup what do I use for the ip? and should I use hamachi?
  29. It depends. Hamachi is only necessary if you want to make it very private and secure. I personally don't use it. If you are just hosting of your computer, leave the ip blank. It will automatically use your external ip address. You will need to port forward the default port though (25565) which is slightly complicated. It depends on what Internet provider you have.
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    Ah ok Thanks!

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