LWC to MySQL and More Errors!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sakura_blades, Mar 16, 2013.

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    We've just updated to the Dev Build of 1.5 and I know there are some plugins that are out of date and cannot be updated until they are released....
    Those I know of are:
    MyPet and TrainCarts

    I am strugging to get LWC to update, as when I try to update it through my Craftbukkit interface it just spins and spins forever as though it were loading. When I uninstall and reinstall through Craftbukkit I still get the old version... I can attempt to uninstall the plugin through Craftbukkit, have the jar file disappear and manually upload the new Jar file but this doesn't seem to work either.

    I have done the latest manual install of LWC on the server and thought it might be a good idea to switch it over to the MySQL database. However the config information isn't very clear for LWC so I fear I may have screwed something up? Anyway, here is a copy of my latest start-up when trying to connect LWC to the MySQL.

    Server Log

    It looks like there are some other errors there too but I am unsure of what they are or how to fix them. :\
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    Hello? Anybody? :(
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    1.5, just a quote from EvilSeph
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    It would be one thing if this issue was only since I updated to 1.5... But it has been since 1.4.7...
    I realize that a Dev Build is a risk and that I must be willing to accept any problems that come with it. If this were only since I updated I wouldn't have bothered posting here....
    But seeing as this has been a problem I've been dealing with before, that's why I'm here...

    Also as far as any of the other issues I might be having with plugins, it doesn't hurt to ask what they are and learn what they are. You know, so I might be able to better understand what my console is trying to tell me...
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    Still looking to figure this out x.x
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    Super User

    No, you don't understand. We don't support 1.5 because its unstable.
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    Okay, so you don't support 1.5... But why is it I was unable to update LWC when I was still using 1.4.7? That's what I want to know...
    I also tried to connect it to MySQL BEFORE I updated to 1.5... Still a fail.

    Everything else is working fine under 1.5.. I can update everything, hook everything up to MySQL. It is JUST LWC that I cannot.
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    Well wait a minute LWC as a beta build for 1.5. It should work. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/files/35-lwc-4-3-2-beta-3/

    The only issue is hoppers. From the log its just saying it can't connect to the database.

    Did you remove the plugins that don't work and update BKcommonLib?
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    I can't figure out how to get it to connect to the database properly...
    All my plugins are up to date as of now, and aside from a few bugs with the plugins themselves everything else is fine...
    I'm not overly worried about locking Hoppers and the like, at least not the moment. It's the chests that my players always keep locked and sometimes the doors, but not always.

    Okay, so I manged to get it working... However, now all the locks have been removed on my server and I need to know how/if I can transfer the old data to MySQL!

    I switched back the sqlite because I couldn't figure out how to get anything to show up again. So once I switched back i found a very short and unhelpful "how-to" on how to switch to MySQL... However it doesn't tell me anything other than the command to do it!

    How am i supposed to tell LWC what the MySQL info is so it'll transfer!? I'm starting to hate this plugin for it's lack of information available!

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    Anyone? Please!?
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