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    Several years have past and i decided to update my plugin
    But i suddenly lost access to my account because of all this nonsense bukkitDev/Curse/Twitch complications.
    I remember that i managed do log in several months ago, but when i tried to log in using Twitch account now,
    my password stored by password manager didn't fit. I went to Twitch and did a password reset, then my password manager asked to update password and i said yes.
    When i logged in on BukkitDev, i've been presented with blank slate BukkitDev account. Tried some different ways to log in, some of them asks for a Curse account, which i think was overwritten - this is what happens when you make authorization to a different services in iframes.

    Dear administration, i seek your help!
    I can prove my email and GitHub account, which is specified on my plugin's page.
    Sorry, if my English isn't very good.
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    Submited a ticket.

    The issue has been resolved.

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