Lost changes to spawn after restart

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mack2540, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Last night, imported a map that will be used as my server's hub/spawn. I added the final things like signs, npcs and portals. This morning I wanted to install a plugin so I put the jar in the plugins folder and restarted the server. I had been on the server right before the restart and everything was fine.
    Anybody know what happened? I do have a backup but how do I stop this from happening again?

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    I don't know what happened, I think that's anyone's guess without the crash errors, but you could turn on auto saving to prevent this.
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    My multicraft has always had 'auto-save' turned on. It should've saved at least once last night. I just made another backup of the server and I'm going to see if my additions to the world are in the backup. I have to go now though so I'll tell u later.
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    How did you restart the server?
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    Nope. The changes weren't in the backup. Is there a command to force a save? PassionPvP

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    Not sure about multicraft, but, /save-all
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    odd, you can dowload autosave, on bukkit, to auto save evry hour
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    ran that commnd, restarted server and my changes disappeared yet again. Before the restart I used the world downloader mod (lets you download worlds off servers) and the singleplayer file it gave me had all my changes. When I put that back onto the server after the restart, I didn't get my changes back. There must be something wrong here.
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