Lose money on death

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    Hi all!
    I want a plugin for Essentials economy (have both vault and register).
    When a player die,it will lose x money.
    I want to be configurable that how much money will be substracted.

    Tried Lose Money but not work.

    Using Bukkit 1.1.R4

    EDIT: Using PermissionEx if it's matter.
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    OtherDrops should be able to do this:

        - MONEY@STEAL/20   # should take $20 from player when they die
    # hmm.. problem: will also give to another player if it's a player that killed the player (but it's ok if you have pvp off)
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    Thanks =)
    Really cool plugin.
    But i can't get this code working:
    It's drop glass on death but no money =(
            - drop: GLASS
            - drop: MONEY
              quantity: 3-15
              message: You get %q money.
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    How are you testing it? You wont get any money that way when you die - it will give money to the attacker (if another player killed you).

    Using MONEY@STEAL only works because it was designed to take money from the victim (the player dying) to the attacker (player the killed the victim). If there was no attacker it will just take money from the victim on death (and give to no-one).

    If you want to drop "physical" money you need to use the MoneyDrop plugin. Actually, the MoneyDrop plugin will also allow you to configure money loss on death too :) (it also supports Essentials)
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    I'm just tested it on my test server,with /suicide and falling out of the world and by creeper.
    It's drop Glass but it's don't give money,tried drop: MONEY and drop:MONEY@STEAL
    I'm using MoneyDrop but i don't want to drop the money,just substract from the balance.
    That's i don't use MoneyDrop's death configure.
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    I just tested:

            - drop: GLASS
            - drop: MONEY@STEAL
              quantity: 3-15
              message: You lose %q money.
    And I lost money. I didn't get the message though, I'll look into that.
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    Hmmm,i'm ussing Essentials Eco.
    I don't lost money =(
    Here is my otherdrops-drops.yml file: http://pasteit.com/16941

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    Err, dunno if your still interested, but I can do this really easy..
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    I just want a really simple plugin that substract from the player x money using Essentials Eco.
    I really want it because the players just go trough a Catacomb by running and die,die,die,die.
    They get the loot,we reset it and they run trough again =(
    So with this i could stop this.
    EDIT:Oh and it would be good to the money don't go under 0.
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    Most economy plugins only allow OPs to go beneath 0.
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    I see,so somone can make it please?
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    I can try to make this for you. No promises though ;)
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    Nice,Thanks =)
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    [quote uid=90596610 name="newboyhun" post=984525]Nice,Thanks =)[/quote]
    Name: DeathTaker
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Giinger

    This plugin basically takes the desired amount of money away from a player(defined in the config that it generates on the first run) when they die and prompts them with a nice message telling them that they lost x amount of money. If they don't have x amount of money, it will send them another message telling them so.

    EDIT: Give the users that you want to lose money this permission node: dt.losemoney

    Download Link:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Tell me if you want me to add anything else.

    BTW, you need vault with that. Forgot to mention that.

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    Dang I was about to make it for you.
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    Thanks a lot !

    Giinger,could you add to the config to change the messages?
    Because i'm a Hungarian so i have a Hungarian server.
    I want to translate it.
    Thanks !!

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    Sure, i'm not home right now, but I could do that for you when I get home.
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    Nice thanks.
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    Here you go, this includes an option to change the entire message, just make sure you change the message amount to the same amount as the value of amount, it doesn't do it automatically.

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    Oh niicee !!
    Thanks a lot!
    Umm,i think this a noob question,but this will work with R5?
    I read something about plugins need to be updated to R5.
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    This will work with R5.
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