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    Plugin category: Addon

    Suggested Name: Lore Effects / Lore Attributes Addon

    What I want: This plugin would be an addon to the already existing Lore Attributes that would add even more attributes that can be used as lore on weapons and armor. I'm interested in adding a slew of RPG armor to my server when it resets, and the attributes that the current plugin adds are rather limiting.

    Here is a list of attributes that I feel like are needed.
    • Blind on Hit
    • Ignite on Hit
    • Poision on Hit
    • Slowness on Hit
    • Unenchantable Item
    Also, if there is a way to make enchantments into "Lore" attributes, that would be great as well, unless someone tells me that enchantments and lore are treated the same way, and that I can use a lore adding plugin to add enchantments to my items.


    Diamond Sword of Poison
    +2 Poision

    Diamond sword that poisons the target upon hit for the same amount a Splash Potion of Poison II adds.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: June 1st if at all possible.

    I will also suggest this to the creator of Lore Attributes. Maybe they will be willing to work on this :)

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    As an extension of your idea, what the author could do is simply have it so you can configure what potion affects apply on hit. RPGitems does a similar thing.
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    Well, I'm not looking something as heavy as RPGitems. I have multiple plugins to handle the items that the lore attributes are applied to, but I need more attributes. I haven't the first clue on how to program it, but I would totally help anyone who is willing to work on it. :) I know that it has something to do with listeners lol

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