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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by brayson5, Feb 3, 2011.

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    We are looking for someone to fill a paid position as a plugin writer exclusively for TWCS (The

    white chocolate server) and to update, maintain and add to existing plugins. If you would like

    to apply for this job please send an email to Here: bassbeast83@yahoo.com

    with your name and any other infomation that you beleive will help you get this job.

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    You can also PM me or brayson5 or leave a post if your interested
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    What kind of plugins are you looking for? Some people are more suited to some plugins than others :p
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    We are pretty open with the type of plugin. there are not set "type" of plugin we are looking for. if we want this we will do that if we want something else we will do that.
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    I would prefer these forums did not turn into a job board for people trying to hire developers.
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    would you prefer for this to be somewhere else
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    There really is no forum for this. I would just rather discourage outright $$$ for plugins type post. This one seems tame though.
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    Maybe there should be. Tame is a relative term.
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    Hey david send a response to the post in the email and I will give you more info or if you have a skype or something you can contact me with that. I'd prefer it if you would send me an email though. hope to hear your response
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    yeah but it still comes down the what the admins decide :p

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