looking for someone to make a custom plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by deadlyrogue1998, May 16, 2020.

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    the plugin allows certain enchantments to represent elements. For example punch on a sword causes it to be a splash poison potion. The enchantment cant be enchanted on the item regularly so it cant be abused by other players. The main thing I want in this plugin is that an enchantment on a sword can cause the players hits with the sword to splash a poison potion at them. Thank you so much for anyone that is volunteering to do this! I really REALLY appreciate it, thanks once again.
    also another plugin i would like be made is a custom mystery crates i have the config for the how i would like it made but for the mystery crate u would get a chest an when you right click it will open up with random items

    like i hit someone with the sword an it will splash potion effect on them
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    @deadlyrogue1998 By splash you mean like AOE (Area of Effect) or just poisons the 1 entity it hits

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