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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Boeing732, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Hi folks i have some experience running minecraf server (Bukkit) but is have pass a lot of time since a manage my last server so i want to ask you and apeal to your goodwill to find some plugins to make the play experience more great im looking for something to protect the terrains of the peoople (Griefing) i already have world guard need to create a store sistem factions the version of my bukkit is 1.7.10 i really will preacite any help and sugestion thanks. bye.

    Grettings from Chile
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    Not exactly sure what your looking for, butane look at:

    essentials (economy, warps, player homes and more)
    factions and mcore (player grouping and grief prevention)
    chestshop (player and admin shops)
    ...maybe something fun like mobarena?

    Just a few simple suggestions :)
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    ok Thanks Nemesis213 can you link me the pages for see the commands and setup of those plugins thanks ;)
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    At the top of this page there is a button that says "get plugins". From there you can easily search those plugin names :)
    Also you can find MANY others based on categories and more :) cheers
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    Hai Boeing732

    Well if your gonna wanna setup a successful server, you are gonna need some Group Systems and some extra commands permissions and help! Here are the basic plugins:

    • WorldGuard - Prevent certain things from happening. Example, keep from people PvPing at spawn and keep from them destroying it! Click here for more Details

    • WorldEdit - Don't have time to build huge walls for spawn or for a map? Well use WorldEdit! This plugins allows you to create blocks within a instant! Click here for more Details

    • * Essentails - This plugins is very very useful when it comes to very large servers! This plugin has a lot of features which allows you to make kits, edit Chat Format and lots more! Click here for more Details

    • Multiverse - This is a basic plugin for Multiworlds. This allows players to teleport from 1 world to another using portals and some extra plugins that come along with it such as Multiverse-Inventories, separate inventories from different worlds! Good for survival and creative worlds! Click here for more Details

    • SimpleBackup - This is a good way to keep backups and not let the Griefers/Trollers win!

    Keep a backup of your worlds, with configurable time! Click here for more Details
    Now this plugins is suggested by me, because I made this plugin:
    • Kangaroo-Rocket - This plugin is good for KitPvP servers and good for Hub servers. It's a basic Double Jump item that allows players to jump 2 times into the air! Click here for more Details

    Leave a like on this post if this was helpful :D!
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    Thanks Buddy was a complete anser for my question i will trie those tomorrow thanks both for the help provided have a nice day .

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