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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheSofahkiin, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I'm looking for plugins that allow me to do the following:
    1. Plugin that allows players to fell trees instantly.
    2. Plugin that allows admin to adjust tree drops.
    3. Plugin that allows players buy and sell items from the server. I only have 4-5 people playing on the server and I would like to make a shop that no player runs but is run by the server.
    4. Plugin that allows me to run custom maps such as ADV or SURV maps.
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    I'm going number 1, awkwardly.
    I can make number 4.
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    1.) ChopTree
    2.) Not so sure..
    3.) You could use essentials, just by right clicking signs you get the items.
    4.) You mean creative and survival? Or Dungeons and events. I dont undertand..
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    4. is probably adventure / survival.

    Adventure, I THINK, would be a world where players can not do specific things, like breaking blocks. They have to work through an adventure map.
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    So then you would just need bPermisions or another Permissions Plugin and don't give the players the build permission. More worlds could be done with MultiVerse.
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    I'm for a plugin that allows me to load maps I've played on single player mode. That is what I should have said for #4.
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