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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Mitchell_J8, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys! I am going to be opening a skyblock server and need to know a few plugins.

    1) PeX groups have different colours in tab (Not Including group name)
    2) Peoples in game names have different colours (Not including group name)
    3) Customizable tags with a GUI menu to select them - Example...
    [Donator] [PvPer] MitchJ8 OR [Donator] [Builder] MitchJ8 the tags PvPer and Builder, could be selected in a menu
    4) A disguise plugin, where people can disguise as mobs but turn back into their human state when combat tagged.

    **They need to be 1.8+**
    If you have any idea what any of these plugins are, or could create one please leave a comment below :D Thanks!
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    As far as the one for the customizeable tags ina GUI it would only need the permission node for that tag that could be added within a certain pex group. This would not be able to be made without access to you pex groups and the ability to create a few pex gorups. Let me know if you would like me to help you :)
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    I know how to create basic PeX groups, but I need to know a seperate plugin that would allow me to customize tags, like: "Miner", "PvPer", "Builder", "Fisher" etc. to add after the original group name.
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    Within the config of Pex you can have it allow multiple prefix i believe. If not, get ChatEX (chat manager for pex) and it will be in that config to allow multiple prefixes
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