Looking for Plugin Developer (Financial Compensation Possible)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Retricide, Jun 30, 2011.

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    My server is preparing to undergo a major change: implementation of an economy (iConomy, or possibly BOSE) into all server functions.
    However, we've encountered some problems as some plugins, that we're looking for, don't exist.

    We have 2 Computer Science major looking into the plugins, but they have never coded for minecraft before so I am left to desire something more.

    The plugins I'm looking for are as follow, and if anyone is interested, I could send you a more thorough explanation via Email or Voice Chat (such as Ventrilo or Skype):

    - A Global Market plugin with multiple tiers, accessible by Permission groups or via Permission nodes. The Plugin should feature global commands, so you can /buy or /sell to the market anywhere in the world.
    -----Basically, we're looking for a plugin that will allow us to set up different markets, each with individual pricing, that are accessible via Permission Nodes. This way, we can restrict certain markets to certain Permission Groups.

    - A plugin that pays each Permission Group a percentage (%) of their money every specified time interval (Basically customizable interest rates for each Permission Group)
    -----iConomy has an interest system built it, but it is the same interest rate for each group (unless I am mistaken). I want to give each group a different interest rate.

    Finally, and I'm not sure how legal/acceptable this is:
    A customization of EpicZones that will integrate iConomy (or BOSEconomy) so that users will be able to set zones for sale and purchase them, using commands. (Like Residence).

    I do not plan on releasing any of these plugins, especially the EpicZones customization, for obvious reasons.

    Also, I am willing to financially compensate anyone who helps develop the plugins.

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    I've sent you a PM with my offer to do this work for you. I look forward to your reply.

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    I've never developed a plugin for a server yet, but I could try.
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    The shop and interest plugins are already being made, but thank you, everyone, for your interests.

    I'm still looking for someone to integrates iConomy into EpicZones, so please message me if you're willing to undertake that.
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