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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by spy85, Mar 4, 2014.

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    onEnable is essential and useful but I need a method that is only called on server boot up and one that is called only on reloads. How can I get 2 methods that differ in this way?

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    There is no immediate way to do this, but you can monitor the ServerCommandEvent for a reload command. Write a boolean flag somewhere in YAML or whatever you prefer to indicate a reload rather than startup. Then read the flag as your plugin loads (and reset it to false).

    Be warned, this is not a guarantee. The server could be killed during a reload before your plugin loads. Then it would be a startup but think it was a reload.
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    What exactly are you trying to do with such methods?
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    onEnable runs on reload, the current instance of your plugin is 'quarantined' on reload, a new instance is created. If you're trying to "reset variables" or something on reload, it all resets already.

    I highly recommend avoiding reload. Try a server stop with batch goto.
    java -jar server.jar
    goto top
    Replace the java line with whatever command line you use to run your server. When the server is stopped this will automatically reboot it.
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    I know reloading is best avoided but I am working on a public plugin and the plugin needs to be prepared to handle reloads because people will do them.
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    onDisable - save data you need to keep
    onEnable - load said data
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    just ignore.

    only very "not smart" server admins use reloading feature, you will be fine without them.
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