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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Stiexeno, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 16.2

    Suggested name: Horses

    What I want:

    I need a plugin where players can buy horses and call them at any time. It would be nice if I could change the config of the horses, such as speed, vitality, etc. It must be necessary to save the horses of equipment, for example mule with chest must be spawned with items

    Ideas for commands:
    • /horses help [command] Lists information about sub-commands
    • /horses buy <Breed Type> Buys a horse of the given breed and random name
    • /horses delete <Name> Deletes the given horse from your virtual stable
    • /horses types Lists the horse types the player has permission to use
    • /horses summon <Name> Summons one of the players horses to them
    • /horses dismiss Dismisses the summoned horse
    • /horses heal <Name> Heals the players active horse
    • /horses rename <Name> <NewName> Renames one of the players horses
    • /horses list [Player] Lists all the players horses
    • /horses give <player> <name> <type> Gives a player a horse
    • /horses reload Reloads the configuration

    Ideas for permissions:
    • horses.set.user Grants the player permission to use all player sub commands
    • horses.set.admin Grants the player permission to use all admin sub commands
    • horses.command.buy Grants permission to use /horses buy
    • horses.command.delete Grants permission to use /horses delete
    • horses.command.summon Grants permission to use /horses summon
    • horses.command.dismiss Grants permission to use /horses dismiss
    • horses.command.heal Grants permission to use /horses heal
    • horses.command.rename Grants permission to use /horses renamed
    • horses.command.list Grants permission to use /horses list
    • horses.command.give Grants permission to use /horses give
    • horses.command.count.<number> Grants permission to have multiple horses

    When I'd like it by: Take your free time to make it :)
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    What happens when a horse die?.Can other players steal a horse that is not owned by them?
  3. Horse just despawns and maybe you must pay to resurrect them, players can't steal them, but can kill them
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    By Breed Type do you refer to [donkey, horse, mule, skeleton, zombie] or something else?

    EDIT: Also should the players be able to buy an infinite amount of horses or should there be a configurable option?

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  5. It would be great if i could change every horse breed type speed, hp etc...
    [Donkey,Horse types it can be max 15, skeleton and zombie]
    Important that skeleton,zombie if they had saddle they will spawn with saddle
    Donkey must be spawned with chest and all items which he had

    Horse count must be configurable with permission for example horses.count.<number>
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    Hi Stiexeno,

    I would like to give this a try! I am new to programming and I am still looking for a project to work on!
    Do you already have a outcome of the project, or do you still need the plugin!?

    Please let me know!


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