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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BeerHuntor, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Ok, ive started a plugin, in which i was getting help with building it. But the guy helping me has taken on a bigger project and cant split the time. What im asking is if someone wouldnt mind 'Building' it with me. The reason im asking, is because it implements things i have never used before. And im totally lost. Let me tell you more about the plugin.

    Its a match fishing plugin. Basically a player creates the match (numerous matches can be created at once) the message is broadcasted to the sevrer, players then join the match, with an empty inventory. Once the match is ready, or full. The creator uses a start command. Then on match start the players get spawned a fishing rod and start fishing. Either until, X amount of time is up, then match gets automatically stopped, fish caught is counted, announce winner, get prize (with Iconomy + items/blocks) or until X amount of fish are caught by a player, say first to 10 fish etc. Match is automatically stopped. Announce winner, get prize.. Players use a leave command to restore there inventory (like the MobArena works) and prizes are added.

    I have never produced a plugin like this, and the whole idea of this plugin was to 'learn on the job' so to speak. You would walk me through each step and explain if i dont understand things. This is probably very easy for most of you guys, but for me its like conquering everest lol.

    Anyway, You will be given credit for the time and help you have given me. I really hope someone will take this on. Because the concept of the plugin imo is awesome. And none are out there that are like it.

    Add me on skype or PM me if you wish to help..

    You will be a great help. :) Thanks.


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    Sounds interesting, should't be that hard if there is a fishing event; if not, a repeating task which checks the amount of fish in the players inventory. I would be interested to contribute, but at the moment I barely find time for finishing the next version of my single plugin.
  3. Im not sure if there is a fishing event. We didnt get that far. Only got to creating the main class and the commands class :(.
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    Thats really not far. I might find some time these days and write a simple prototype which may help you to unterstand and expand.
  5. That would be awesome. And truly appreciated :)
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