Looking for good VPS host for minecraft in the £40 p/m region.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by IDefusee, Jul 19, 2011.

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    See title,

    Also which one of these is better:


    Citrix XENServer Enteprise
    processor: Xeon E5620
    cpu cores: 14 cores
    cpu speed: 33.6 GHz
    dedicated ram: 6144 MB
    disk space: 300 GB SAS
    data-transfer: 5000 GB
    bandwidth: 1 Gbps
    ip addresses: 2 static
    setup: free & instant

    £43 p/m



    150GB Diskspace
    4GB Memory
    5TB Bandwidth
    2 Dedicated IP Addresses

    £43 p/m


    Dell PowerEdge R210
    processor: Pent. G6950
    cpu cores: 2 cores
    cpu speed: 2.80 GHz/core
    dedicated ram: 4 GB 8 GB
    disk space: 2x 500 GB
    data-transfer: 2500 GB
    bandwidth: 100 Mbps
    ip addresses: 2 static
    setup: 3-5 b.days

    Starting at €50/month

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    HostPolar (Referral link) are decent. I have a 4GB RAM, 200GB disk, 1TB bandwidth with them for $40 USD a month. Equates to around £24.80 - pretty good.
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    Hey, I can make you a nice offer:
    I have a decent server. Specs below:
    AMD Athlon II x4 3ghz
    4gb of RAM
    1TB HDD
    OS: Ubuntu
    located in germany (ping throughout europe between 10-50ms)
    I have only one MC server running on there with about 10 users averange. (private)
    And ist's kind of a shame that the server mostly runs on 800mhz, beause it has nothing to do.
    I would like to host your server. Website (as subdomain)+ Mailadress inclusive.

    Actually you don't have much to do ecept for uploading the server and run it.
    Setup can be done this week already.
    The only thing I need to know is: How many users are you planing to have?


    I thought about 30€/m
    If you have less users.. like 10, then we can go down with the prize.
    (that means 10 users online at the same time. not 10 users in total)
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    How many players on the following?

    VPS - Frankfurt - Xen PV - XEN4096 - Frankfurt - Xen PV
    Xen Paravirtualized VPS

    Core i7 2.6Ghz
    160GB Storage
    4096MB RAM
    8192MB Swap
    2400GB Transit
    4 IP's included - Max 10 IPs
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    About 50, I guess.
    The ram could be a limit.. between 25 and 50 with restarts every x hours

    MC servers are mostly single core, so don't rent a 4-8 core or more if you don't plan to run 3-6 or more MC servers.
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    Close this thread. Decided to go with DaddyCheese minecraft hosting (3gb, 72 slots) at the moment instead of a VPS. Works out about £20 cheaper as well.

    Excellent support. (They go on your server and help you, and look around.etc).
    Fast Servers. (1ms chat delay :), instant login, 20ms ping!)
    Cheap Pricing
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    Be careful, there.
    sometimes such hosters block serval plugins for performance reasons.
    you should check their policy.
    but in general, that's a great choice :)
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