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    I'm currently looking for a developer for the Prox12 server. Our server is going through an entire revamp. The size of our server is around 250 and we need a developer. Someone experienced in programming is a must!

    Official site for Prox12: http://prox12.com/

    Our main plugins are Factions, Heroes, Craftbook and MCMMO.

    What we need:
    ~We need someone to develop passive abilities within either MCMMO or Heroes to create a unique playstyle through classes.
    ~We need someone to develop buff abilities for each class that gives an entire Faction a specific buff.
    ~We are looking for some simple plugins that give the players info when they do /[whatever] to receive text in their client. Example would be /Warrior 1.
    ~We are also looking for more advanced stuff like breaking one block on faction land with a cooldown, and ladders extending from arrows.

    Reply to this thread or post in the Minecraft section http://prox12.com/index.php?/forum/7-minecraft/.

    And our teamspeak server information if you want to discuss this personally. Any hours between 1PM-2AM Eastern time.

    Teamspeak Information: teamspeak.prox12.com:10285 Password: proxxii

    Contact us if you are interested. We can work out *something*.

    We are very serious and will only take on serious developers.

    Plugin category: Heroes, Factions, Craftbook and MCMMO

    Suggested name: Prox12 Special Edition Version of Heroes, Factions and MCMMO.

    A bit about me: I'm currently the interviewer and class balancer for the new revamp for our Prox12 server. Been with Prox12 for 3 years and I'm very devoted to my community and bringing new members into our environment.

    What I want: Development inside Heroes and MCMMO Plugin.

    -We want an ability to be able to destroy 1 block on use within faction land with a 4 hour cooldown.

    -We want a developer to give our classes passive buffs similar to MCMMO's skill abilities but we want it within Heroes.

    -We want party buffs for our classes in Heroes plugin.

    -Heroes plugin added permissions so that weapons increase per level: Example: Diamond sword at level 1 does 30 DMG: Gains 5 per level, cap is level 100: Sword does 530 DMG at level 100.

    -Able to edit the DMG reduction values of Gold, Diamond, Leather and Iron armor. Say Diamond gets 20% DMG reduction and Leather gives 10%.

    Example of the passives:
    ~Passive: Regenerates health .8% of Max HP every 5 seconds.
    ~Passive: Party members get 1.2x Experience.
    ~Passive: Heals have a chance to cure ailments by 20%.
    ~Passive: Can heal on undead to damage them. Does 2x as much damage.
    ~Passive: Smiting a target has a chance of 30% to negate healing on a target for 20seconds..

    Example of the abilities: Abilities: Level 20: IceBolt: Ice bolt that does 40 DMG. +20 DMG per level. 25 second cooldown.

    Ideas for commands:
    /Warrior, /Archer, /Mage, /Priest and /Rogue for simple class information like passive/activated abilities.
    /Bind, binds an ability to the current slotted item.
    /Class Warrior----> Would you like to become Warrior? DO /confirm----> Your now a Warrior here are your commands.

    Ideas for permissions: I'm not a developer so I don't understand this. I would want it neat and easy to understand if possible.

    When I'd like it by: 4-5 weeks at the most.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: Anyone that has the experience for a large plugin request. If you want to develop for a server with a 250 player slot and before the revamp had up to 20 players on at all times. We also want someone that is creative.

    Bumpin for developers!

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    Need a developer still!

    I shall bump this thread every 12 hours for 4-5 weeks until I find a developer. Anyone out there?

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    Thanks for the warning. Locked for repeatedly bumping this post. I may have let it slide if it was a day or two apart, but 4-6 hours is not acceptable.
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