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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ZP18, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Hi, I've been developing Bukkit plugins since about 3 years ago. My development career has been amazing as I have learnt so much and have grown quite fond to the Bukkit API. During these years I have mentored/helped 2 beginning/amateur developers with development but sadly I have lost contact with them, I must say I loved the experience, not only because I got to do what I love but also to meet new people! So what I'm here for now is to find more people who would like help with development with the Bukkit API. Whether you are just starting, wanting to start or just want to refresh your mind I'd be more than happy to help. If you are interested than feel free to reply to this thread.

    EDIT: I'm also not restricting myself to just one person so don't be scared to ask even if it looks like I've already found someone

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    @ZP18 And just roaming the plugin development section is not enough?
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  4. Thanks. I don't know why I deserve a cookie though
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    I would love to get some assistance for my plugins, Im new to Java and learning fast, but I find it hard to understand everything, your help would be appreciated!
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    I too would like some help. I have just started out with Java and Bukkit, but can learn fast if things are explained rather than being given a description to. :D
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    I guess count me in! Haha, I literally just started a few days ago and I'm learning fast. I know most of the basics of Java, so that's really helped me understand the Bukkit API.
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  8. Well i quite understand the basic how to work with config lists etc but there are still something i wanna learn! So yhea if you want to learn me some advance stuff that will be very helpfull!

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    Would appreiciate some help, I am a semi experienced developer in other languages such as Javascript and Python and have a quiet a good understanding as Java and have been using the bukkit API abit
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