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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AGreenPig, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I'm New Here and because I couldn't find the right Plug in i was looking for I was hoping one of you could Show me a Plug in I am looking for and redirect me or Programm one...

    What I would need:
    I am looking for a 1.14 Plug in with some Sort of command Like /lootbox. By activation a barrel will Spawn at the Location of the Player that wrote the command or come down from the Sky and a notification with the Barrels coordinats will be postet in Chat.

    It would be eaven better If you could Change the Tier list of the loot Box... I am thinking 4 Tiers that you can edit its content in an File and activate by /lootbox 1/2..(tier list Number). It would be great if in a File i could customise the Tiers and how rare everything ist... So that every lootbox is different and random, but still Not overpowerd...

    If some of my requests aren't possible thats OK too... I would bei happy about a reply!

    P.s: sorry for my Bad English i'm from Germany...
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    I will make it like on the YouTube Project Server "SURO"
    I update you when its Finished :)
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    OK wow thanks for the fast reply!

    Just Out of interest( dont get stresst or anything), but how Long will IT about Take to Finish the programing?
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    Thats crazy! Thanks Dude!
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    @GraveHD Hi so... Because you we're so damn helpfull and im Usingen your Plug in for a Server with a few friends... So you have some Sort of YouTube Twitter spigot etc. Account where i could Support you? I would really Like to Show my thankfullnes(ist that a Word?)
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    No, but "thankfulness" is. Another word that could be used is "gratitude".
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    Just my Spigot :)
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