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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jungalist81, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. I am looking for anyone who is interested in helping out with Admin-ing on my server. I purchased a minecraft server since 1st of June and since then I have been having trouble getting to know some of the plugins as well as configuring them. The workload of what I want to accomplish has I need help with setting up plugins as well has help renovate my spawn area.

    About my Server:
    I like to describe my ideal server as: Artistic, Adventourous and Aeronautical. I love the steampunk genre and I like to encourage people making anything steampunk related such as Airships, industrial factories, Giant gears and propellers. With the help of some plugins, I want to bring rpg-like experiences such as McMMO and Iconomy. The company providing my Minecraft server is: www.multiplay.co.uk
    They have a nice intuitive control panel with over 100 selected plugins to instantly install/remove from your own server.

    About me:
    I enjoy playing console and PC games for fun. Ive had experiences with programming taking 2 years in C++ and Java classes. I also have enjoyed making mods for games as well as playing around map editors on Warcraft and Starcraft 2. I started playing Minecraft a couple of months ago.

    What do I need help with?
    I need assistance with configuring these plugins:
    - Commandbook
    - Cookiemonster
    - BorderGuard
    - mcMMO
    - mySQL
    - Iconomy
    - WorldGuard
    - Worldedit (needed for commandbook)
    - Permissions
    - ichat

    Building projects:
    - rennovate shops at my spawn
    - help create Underground dungeon (for new players)
    - Help plan and organize Clockwork town

    RPG ideas
    - Discuss and organize the McMMO plugin and iconomy (setting up prices of items)
    - Plan and setup Cookiemonster plugin (Loot and money drop from killing mobs)

    Prerequisite for the position:
    - Someone who has moderator or Admin Minecraft server experiences
    - Someone who knows a handful of plugins and how to configure them
    - Someone willing to share ideas on setting up rules and gameplay experiences

    How to help?
    If you are interested, simply give me a PM and I will provide you the IP address.
  2. There is still admin positions available. I have much to learn.
  3. I wouldn't mind another admin that can take over when I can't help...lol (Im of of the main admins here)
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    I would like to be a admin/ moderator
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    I can help you with WorldEdit, WorldGuard and Permissions as I have them on my server. Just tell me how you'd like them and I'll modify the default file to your tastes. If you want admins, advertise your server more and you'll start getting 10 year-olds begging for the position. :D
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    I see that way too much now...
    Gets a laugh out of me every time I see one sentence, grammatically incorrect, unjustified response to become a server admin. *cough* *cough*

    Anyway, Id also be willing to help you setup any of the plugins you mentioned, except CookieMonster and iChat, as I have no experience with those. Send me a PM, or maybe start a conversation with me and @LEOcab, it never hurts to know other server owners.

    Also, I recommend a logging plugin, like LogBlock, and a backup plugin, like MineBackup, for any server. They essential when somethig goes wrong and you need to find the culprit + rollback changes or restore back to a backup. And maybe look into using EssentialsChat in place of iChat, as i believe it's simpler, even though Ive been using HeroChat and Id recommend that to anyone in place of chat formatting and chat room plugins.
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    @Leocab: Ahhh i would love love love if you could be an admin on my server :D
  8. I don't really want an admin position but would be glad to help with any plugin / mysql help you need (Great list of plugins btw I greatly aprove ^^) I run all the listed plugins on my server (minus cookiemonster :p) as well as MySQL and would be open to offering my services.
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    Daniel Few

    Hello @jungalist81 !
    I would be happy to help with set-up of plugins and could drop into the server now and then, however I also have my own servers to run which I'm currently running 2 of and have another 2 being designed.
    If you would like help on ANY plugins, please just message me on Skype by adding the Skype name below as I know loads of the plug-ins here and how to configure them. And even if I haven't used one, i'm sure I can work out how to. I often just start installing plugins and then removing them to see what they do :p
    Talk to you soon,
    Skype: mycraftserver
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