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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by derpium, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Hello again, Bukkit Discussion forums. I'm currently looking for someone familiar with the application "WorldPainter" or some similar software for Minecraft map creation. Currently, I'm in the process of developing a large server that has a niche for all play-styles, but am in need of a map.

    I've attempted to make a map myself, but have run into a few problems.
    1. My home computer doesn't have enough RAM to render the map size I need.
    2. I don't currently own a tablet (mine had an unfortunate run in with water)
    So, I've decided to outsource the map creation project. Here's what I'm looking for from anyone interested in helping out with this.
    • A computer capable of rendering a 64,000 by 64,000 world (500*500 WorldPainter tiles).
    • Familiarity with WorldPainter, perhaps a portfolio of previous maps.
    • Knowledge of geographically correct biome placement.
    • Ability to work in a timely manner and have the project done on time.
    • Knowledge of proper landscape formations and placement.
    • Ability to work well in a team environment.
    • A good demeanor and personality.
    You also must be willing to sign a Confidentiality, Non-competition, and Non-solicitation Agreement and have access to a scanner. As far as what you would get in return, that is negotiable. In addition to whatever payment is settled upon, you will be guaranteed a slot for the Beta testing of the server (small ~100 person Beta).
    Thanks for your time in reading this, if you're interested please fill out the following application and post it here on the thread.

    Best regards,
    ------ derpium

    Name: (IRL First Name + IGN)
    Time Zone:
    Familiarity with WorldPainter:
    Previous Experience:
    Why You're Applying:
    --Put any links to previous works here.
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    Poster is 16, has nickname derived of derp... I don't think anyone is going to get paid..
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    If I had no intention of paying them, why would I have requested that they sign a binding document that would allow them to take legal action if I didn't uphold my end?
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    They can't take legal action because of your age.
    And because this is the internet.
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    They can take legal action, I'm emancipated. Please, refrain from bashing a completely legal business transaction that I'm attempting to facilitate through these forums. I feel that I now understand what people have been saying about these forums turning to shit. If you have nothing useful to contribute, please refrain from posting.
  6. I'd be interested in taking a peek at the finished product, if you're willing, and if I happen across someone that seems to fit your brief I'll give them a heads-up about this. All the best :3
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    Thanks, Chompy. It's greatly appreciated. If you post on my profile, I'll be sure to notify when we're up and running.
  8. Cool, I'll go do that now. ^^ I was messing with WorldPainter a few weeks ago and managed to make some pretty crazy stuff haha. Not necessarily playable... but awesome.
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    So your parents are dead/MIA, and you have been deemed mature enough to live on your own? Because it's extremely rare to be emancipated for any other reason.


    Edit: How much RAM do you need anyways? You could always rent a server with the correct amount of resources for a month and work via RDP or VNC.
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    They can't take legal action because of your age.[​IMG]
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    Age does not mean anything, lets please stay on topic.
    64k x 64k would be the biggest map in the history of servers. No one needs a map half that big.
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    Your name makes me lolz. Thanks for the laughs.
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    I have plans to use a map that big :)

    derpium, the fun element.

    md_5 - I forgot to thank you in my previous post for reminding people to stay on topic.

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    md_5 Stop spoiling the fun. We need to have conversations about derpium.(That sounded perverted)
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    Feel free to have a conversation about me on my profile. If I recall correctly, there is a bit of information on my name in response to a comment someone left. However, it only covers the atomic number and such, so I'll tell you here that "derpium" is in direct relation to "chromium" (Google's OS) as I (at the time) thought the Chromium OS was a ridiculous idea.

    derpium sort of evolved from there, quickly becoming a handle of mine. But, back on topic. Still looking for a WorldPainter. It is possible that you won't need a massive amount of RAM to do this job, as I'm (slowly but surely!) generating a 64k*64k world via WorldBorder. It's going to take about 10 days, hopefully that's enough to find someone!
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    What is your system stats (Checking to see if mine is anyway better, I would attempt to help you if so)

    Also it's my birthday. Wish my happy birthday bitch.(jk, well it actually is my birthday)
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    Happy Birthday, 7cardcha! My system stats are as follows:

    Intel i3 3.06GHz (first generation)
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM

    Those are the only relevant ones.

    I'm at ~9.3% after about 20 hours of generation.
  18. First of, you should research a bit on WP :) The max you can make the map with WP is 15k x 15k. So your 60k x 60k wouldnt even be possible with WP.

    If you have a solid idea of what you want though, i can perhaps help you out. Im half decent with WP and have created a full and functional Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess map. You can see a few screens on my website of the project; www.project-hyrule.net - I can send u a full map link aswell if intrested =)

    http://i.imgur.com/VY4zCtA.jpg <- thats OOT, its a little outdated, but you get the idea.
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    Very nice work, I will have to keep you in mind for my next project.
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