Looking for a way to have a small bed-wars map reset each time to original

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Intelquackcore, Jan 31, 2020.

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    Hi I run a small server with about 20 people on at a time. I have some mini-games but have mostly been factions until not too long ago. I want to add maps like bed-wars and things of that type but need a way to have the map reset after each game. Another issue is that we are already on 1.15. I have been modding MVC and the other plugins I use to not break in 1.15 but my Java skills are quite frankly rather poor. Would love some ideas or help. Thanks
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    Please use the format posted in https://bukkit.org/forums/plugin-requests.96/. We have no idea what permissions, commands, etc. you want. Also if this helps use WorldEdit and if you want different worlds Multiverse so that you can load schematics/builds quickly.

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