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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by rfsantos1996, May 20, 2014.

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    The readme will explain what happened. But if you want, you can finish this plugin. It has potencial, some says it was the best SurvivalGames plugin so far.

    Well, you can ACTUALLY get donations with this, it is a fully customizable with ~6500 lines probably with all SurvivalGames features plugin.

    My suggestion/ToDo list was on the Bukkit dev page, that got deleted, so what I remember is:
    • Fix sponsor
    • Better block restoring (data sensitive)
    • Better scoreboard system (the "replacer" part, with the variable naming - also, add a scoreboard for Spectators, just create another replacer and change the "Jogador" thing to Object, then check if it is instanceof Jogador or Spectator)
    • Potion effect on item resolving system
    • UUID ranking
    • Fix ranking K/D ratio, W/L ratio always appearing as "0.00"
    • /sg enable/disable command (very easy, just stop the match with the argument stopping and set its state to State.DISABLED)
    • Setup commands for items [kits (fixed items, it'll be easy), and variable items (random collection with wheight)]
    • Better muttation? I made a weird (not exacly what they asked for, but it was easier to make) one, so if you want to make the harder, feel free, it'll be better (; - even without the zombie apperance thing
    (god I should saved the suggestion list, I asked the staff to see the main page's suggestion list if it wans't permanently deleted @EDIT: here is the other things on the list, got from TheGuti963)

    • Death chest (instead of dropping items on the ground)
    • Video tutorials (optional, if you have a nice tutorial for the commands)
    Important thing: some names are in Portuguese (such as "Jogador", mean Player in English) but probably you can understand 99.9% of the code, since it is mainly in english and because you have Google translator, if you want, you can ask me (;

    Source: GitHub

    Dependencies (for successful build): PlayerPoints (v2.0.0+), Vault and BarAPI (probably any version)

    I won't decide the best precursor, the source is here, everyone can use it, do your best, I won't choose ONE person to continue.

    Thanks, feel free to use/publish/sell your edited version of the plugin.
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    W...what does the word "precursor" have to do with this?
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    I don't know any other word, and there are some people that really love this plugin, I don't have patiance or time to finish this plugin, even now with my page deleted, but on the other side, I don't want to leave this unfinished.

    And do you know a proper word for this? I belive my english is not bad, but my vocabulary sucks (a lot)
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    Well...a precursor is something that comes before another. Like, "hmod was the precursor to Bukkit". Or it could be a "sign", like "the clouds were a precursor to the rain storm". In this sense, it seems more like "successor", which would be used like "Mr. Bob is retiring from his job as principal, Mr. Joe will be his successor". Or you could just say "somebody to continue this plugin I didn't finish".
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    imo a better word would be "a detailed framework" ;)
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    Oh man hey rfsantos1996 I am so sorry what happened and I am so sad it happened. Please please someone takeover the plugin it is so awesome
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    Succeessor is the right word I was looking for, thank you!

    I was already pissed, so... :/
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    Anyone who is wondering this uses vault & PlayerPoints & BarAPI to build it.
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    Edited the thread xD
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    Locked. This isn't a WIP. You're now looking for someone to take over your plugin because you had it removed from BukkitDev for ignoring the rules. You can seek a successor on your GitHub page since its obvious you dislike the free Bukkit services provided (which, of course, include these forums).
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