Looking for a simplistic way to show [AFK] prefixes in the scoreboard

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    For nicknames, colored chat, colored usernames, and colored names in the scoreboard I am using Essentials with Essentials Chat.

    I'm looking for a way to automatically add and remove an [AFK] prefix to the scoreboard to players that run /afk command.

    I have too much configuration committed to ditch Essentials for another setup, so I'm hoping there is a way.

    As a bonus, the [AFK] tag should be configurable with &e color codes :)

    Edit: This doesn't have to be geared ONLY towards AFK either. It could work for other status's such as BUSY, BRB, ETC..

    Hey dude, thanks for these instructions. This was a really cool way of doing it and I have learned stuff!

    I have a few issues that prevent me from keeping this permanent though

    • In Essentials, you have to change change-displayname to false, otherwise the tags don't show up. Changing this to false also removes nick names and permissions prefixes.
    • The vanilla team join and leave messages
    • Longer usernames get pushed behind the ping bars when a scoreboard tag is applied
    Here are my settings if anyone else needs an example

    T3h Cr33p3r Sorry man, I've been going through all the config files and changing/re-arranging everything possible but I just don't understand what you mean by which config and what standard prefix you are referring to. I'm assuming you have a similar setup or have done this before, would you have an example of that fix for Essentials?

    Edit: I'm so close to perfection. Was able to hide the vanilla messages :) Still trying to figure out an Esssentials fix for colors in scoreboard.

    Bumping this for the morning crew. With the scoreboard method now attempted; I'd like to see some new ideas from some other people if possible!

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