Looking for a plugin that we can create! Unique one!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Goofan, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Me and my friend is looking into making plugins for bukkit mainly for our own server (private) but we thought it were fun and we are learning as we go aswell (who doesn't?)

    We got no idea on what to create for our server or for a global use.

    Therefor I ask if anyone of you guys got any kind of request that is not too big (no world editing stuffs :))

    We got a server mobdrop plugin atm basic and for our server only.

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    Wrong Board. But i would love to help you. If you have skype add kodfod.
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    I would love PM's as we are currently very busy!

    I know this is the wrong thread to post it but I thought I would get the best response with a thread in here.

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    If you want little worldedits then check in the Config.
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    Use a plugin like this.. If it's ever made..
    • If you die as a human, you turn into a zombie, and are teleported back to where you died with a blaze rod, when you right click with the blaze rod you will get the zombie item list in theconfig.
    • Humans can not attack other humans, and zombies can not attack other zombies.
    • If you die as a zombie you go to the spectate zone. This will be set by something like /specset
    • Zombies can not pick up item drops on the ground, but humans can.
    • Also, when a human dies, instead of the default death messages, it will say [Player] is now Infected. When a zombie dies, it will say [Player] has died as a zombie.
    • Humans can type /kit every 2 minutes to get the human item list in the config.
    It can be made into some fun games.
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    There is a plugin somewhat like you describe.
    Will not mak that plugin sorry.
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    Plugins that take over mob/chunk/other processes and spread them across multiple threads/cores while disabling the orginal one.
    *Plugins that separate the load across several threads/cores.
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    Auto Farming, make a huge plantation then with a sign (run the command) to auto farm, plant, plow, and water your farm, then it would be collected and stored in a chest. Good or Bad idea? (it would help me)
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