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Do you think that the Items with shared Id's should have separate Id's?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I do not care the slightest.

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    Hello, I am a server owner who uses Primordial Map Generator, and of those who know about it, we/you know it does not spawn Pine or Birch trees. I would like to know are there any Plugins out there that will let you spawn Pine saplings, Birch Saplings, and the various dyes. As well as other item's who Id's are shared. If you know of one please tell me, as I would very thankful.
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    Do you mean spawn them in game, or spawn them in a map generator?
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    /gme plugin works by just typing the name eg : Red Wool :)
    In game that is not in a map generator
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    In game yes, I will look for this /gme plugin you speak of.
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    Yeah sorry meant Givetome :)
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    Essentials has something like that built-in. I think. It probally has.
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    The spawning template is /give <username> <itemid>-<type/durability>
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