Looking for a Plugin Developer and possibly an Artist

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ChompytehPenguin, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. This is my first look on the forum that isn't in Plugin Requests so before I go any further with this, hey! :D

    ...Anyway. I'm looking for a Plugin Developer for my server, as the title suggests. The server's run by me and two friends and is running on a server of our own. We're all fifteen and yes, we are in school, but we're all mature enough to get things done and we don't really have lives (Haha) so we're online for about five-twelve hours a day. Two of us also have Xbox Live if you wanted to contact us there (I'm not playing that much at all, but ask for gamertags if you wish).

    Currently the server's not actually open to anyone as we're still finalizing the essential plugins, worldguarding areas, etc etc, however there are things we want to do with it that as far as I know can't be done with plugins, can be but only partially, or can be but don't work how we'd like them to.

    At the moment, we just have a Survival world and spawn is built, and this world will have it's own Economy, Cities and towns, and dungeons with the Catacombs plugin. We're also planning Spout features.

    Those that are interested, feel free to shoot me a message here, or give me your Skype if you'd like to talk (Skype is preferred, please!). Oh, also we're all British, but I tend to be up very late (2-3 AM is common) so if you're west coast America or in the Philippines or something, we may have trouble getting in contact with you.

    We're also looking for mods, so feel free to show your face here at our forums. Same goes for Plugin Devs as well! The site is still being set up as far as I know, so it may be a little bit buggy. If you do get any bugs there message me about it and I'll notify our website dev.
  2. Bump again. xD
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    I don't think anyone wants to join an unknown server that hasn't started properly yet.
  4. That's understandable, and I didn't think anyone would be overly keen right now :p however, I'm starting to look early so that we know exactly what we're doing along with what we need when it actually comes down to it.
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