Looking for a plugin dev to be co-owner of my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MetalMadness, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, I was looking for a plugin dev to be part owner of my server. I just started with my friend, and having someone with experience in java could really help us out. We already made the base of our server with some plugins, and we are looking to expanding

    The server is in my friends basement, it is dedicated to minecraft. It is a AMD phenom quad core with 8 gbs of ram. Now, he does not want any random person on rdp, so if you wish to connect, you can connect through me, just to be safe.

    Our server IP is clashcraft.com, we bought the domain.

    Thanks guys!
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    Why don't you ask a dev on there pagevbecuase that is wit I did and they said yes they also set up my website go check it out
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    You will probably want to include the following information to attract more developers:

    1. What do you feel like the server is going to be: free build, PvP, spawn free build, survival?
    2. What do you want the developer to generally make?
    3. Do you have economy?
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