Looking for a MultiWorld/Nether plugin with same flavor as singleplayer

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Sprocket, May 2, 2011.

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    I would like to add Nether and MultiWorld support for the server I'm setting up, however I have had trouble figuring out if a suitable plugin (or combination of plugins) exists for my feature wish-list:


    - Player experience similar to nether portals in singleplayer - i.e. simply build a portal and the game determines where you end up on the other side.

    - Some sort of mapping between coordinates in each world (ala 1:8 mapping in singleplayer or a eveb simple 1:1 mapping). Giving players free control over which coordinates their portal leads to would not be acceptable.

    - No /-commands for players unless absolutely necesary. Acceptable player commands could be for setting world spawn points, selecting target world of a portal or checking if a portal can be build at the current spot.

    - No forced "power" features for players such as warp/teleport.

    Nice to haves (I know it's unlikely to find all of these):

    - Configurable mappings between worlds (not fixed to 1:1 or 1:8)

    - Some elegant (in-character) way for players to select which world the want to build a portal to. For example obsidian gates could link between HomeWorld and NetherWorld and gold gates could link between HomeWorld and FrontierWorld etc.

    - Some way of integrating with a land-protection plugin - i.e. you probably shouldn't be able to build a portal if the other end of it would be on land owned by someone else.

    I know I'm asking for a lot, but I don't think feature list is completely unreasonable. :)

    I haven't settled on which land-protection plugin to use, so I am quite flexible on which other plugins to use.ยจ

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    Well, JSYK, one of the side effects of the way Notch put in nethergates is that you cannot have actual portal blocks that aren't in a 3x2 obsidian frame, so you could have a water portal where you step into the water, but it won't have the portal blocks. I usually use MultiVerse, and after it's set up, it's VERY easy for the users. It can also handle multiple worlds. I've never allowed users to build portals on my server, so I'm not sure that it's possible for you to do that with MultiVerse, but I think it is in the MultiVerse.yml file that you can set all portals to default to Nether.
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    Ah thanks for the info - that makes sense!

    I guess you could still make it work by monitoring if players build gold blocks that made up a valid portal frame and then swap the gold for obsidian once the structure was complete (and then the server would know it was originally a gold portal). Not super clean, but should do the trick. :)


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    You can also wait for Minecraft 1.6 which was just announced to have working SMP nether
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    I think he said it's not coming out any time soon. I don't know if he's updated it since then since I can't seem to access it.
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    Well, final release date is 11.11.11 and if all we get between now and November is trapdoors and Nether then Mojang has let us down, methinks...
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