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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by moony300300, May 26, 2018.

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  1. I need a plugin where you can give yourself any spawner (pig, cow, blaze, ig, etc.) and whn u place it it's actually that spawner, the amount of plugins i've gone through where this doesn't work is ridiculous.

    Please if u know any plugins please reply with a link, Thank you.
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  3. I have tried both of these plugins and I find that u can give the spawners but when you place it down it's a pig spawner.
    Im using version 1.12.2
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    go for the bukkit spawner
    it features
    You can change the type of spawner you are looking at or holding by using /spawner <EntityType>. For example /spawner creeper will change the spawner to a creeper spawner.
    It will tell you what kind of spawner you interact with or type /spawner while looking at it.
    Command to give yourself or another player a spawner of a given type.
    /spawner list and /spawner help commands that display the contents of text files so you can customize them to your liking.
    Command to remove entities in a given radius with /spawner remove <EntityType> [radius]
    This plugin will attempt to remove the Silk Touch enchant from the spawner that some plugins add otherwise players can use them as a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
    Luck option to give a chance to not drop the spawner and break like normal (disabled by default).
    Frequency option for each creature type to give a chance to not spawn.
    Prevents renaming spawners on an anvil.
    Config option to prevent players from making spawners of bad entities.
    Config option to prevent explosions from destroying spawners.
    Config option to drop spawners from explosions.
    Config file to change the language.
    Config option to use creature aliases so you can just use horse instead of EntityHorse.
    Permissions to disable eggs.
    Configure drops.
    Permission to allow changing spawners of specific types to other types.
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