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    Hello plugin makers.

    I have been looking around here and seen some very nice plugins, Some I have used and others that looked like fun things but a bit over powered.

    Anyhow I am looking for a plugin that I suppose is probably a command line that is run when there is no one on the server as this plugin will cause a MASSIVE amount of lag.

    I need a plugin that when you run the command will change every block of one type into another type.

    For instance turns all grass into netherrack.

    Configurable so you can change the block to change from and too.

    So you could do....

    Leaf block into air block
    Gold into stone

    ect ect.

    This would be for use with plugins like boarder gaurd/world gaurd ect.

    The idea is when 1.8 hit we will be generating a new map, setting the bounderies with worldgaurd or similer, then removing all grass and leaf blocks.

    Were going for a apocolyptic landscape that supports no life (animal wise) and players go out build up towns/cities and start to take our world back from the nether invasion.

    Thanks in advance

    A though occurs, getting the server to do it all at once might be a bit much for any server, so maybe theres a way for it to do it chuck by chunk. ?
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    I'd recommend building the map in MCEdit on a local computer then uploading it to the server. Because otherwise you're talking about checking hundreds of millions of blocks.
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    The only probolem with that is there is no simple way of telling it to select one block type and changing all block types to another.

    Also the download/upload time would suck
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    Even then, I don't think we can modify the blocks without first getting them, which would require all of the chunks to be loaded (if I'm not mistaken)

    Have you considered using VoxelSniper? It will take a bit longer, but it should be able to get the job done (Just slap on fly-mod and go around using the replacing brush)

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    I should have said, the chunks are already loaded as were setting the bounderies before the server goes live.
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    You want a WGEN plugin - this will eliminate the need to go back after a chunk's been generated.

    IIRC you could just use vanilla code for generating land, and simply have a programmer replace the blocks as you describe. But this is just me theorycrafting.
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    you could replace blocks only in a certain radius? could reduce lag :)

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