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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NimueMoonwolf, Apr 16, 2016.

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    I am in the process of creating a 1.9.2 RPG server and wondering if anyone can link me to some RPG related plugins for 1.9.2. :D Thankyou in advance!
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    Looks amazing but looks like it is not for 1.9.2 yet :'(
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    Really? Sorry I haven't test it out..But I saw the last update date is very new.....But it may work on 1.9
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    @NimueMoonwolf, Just because a plugin hasnt been marked for compatibility with the newest version of Bukkit/spigot, it does not mean it will not function. You will have to try the plugin out yourself to see if it will work. The reality commonly is that plugins will continue to work through a major update and almost always work through a minor update.

    I haven't had to do any major compatibility updates for a lot of my plugins since 1.7. The only thing that I have ever had break was spigot renaming all the sound files (which was totally unnecessary and broke so many good plugins) causing an occasional crash.

    EDIT: And another think to keep in mind is that curse has yet to give us proper version tags for 18.81 and above. Don't quote me on this, but I don't even believe it is possible to mark a plugin for 1.9 at all.
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    @Techno_Wizard I know that! lol It was not updated for 1.9.2 of MINECRAFT.

    And we have some basic plugins that are marked for 1.9 so it is posssible :)

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    @NimueMoonwolf I use a plugin called SuggestionBox which allows players to make suggestions, comments, questions, and requests. I run it with 1.9 and works just fine! :)
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    Thanks for the update, this was really helpful.
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    You can just check out category you want (maybe you'll find something good there). But yeah, I would've suggest you MythicMobs and Disease. Also all time classic mcMMO.
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