Look what notch fixed

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by woodzy, May 13, 2011.

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    notchMarkus Persson

    From my changelist: "* Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!)"
    16 hours ago

    OH GOD, all ur your gettho boosters will stop working :/
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    Ha Ha lol, no more boosters, Guess well have to use his booster tracks now :(
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    Well, that basically is what it's ment for, isnt it ;)
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    Yeah, i like this. I hate having crappy boosters. Rails look better and have more pottential.

    @woodzy Where did you get your icon from? U make it yourself??
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    And if you dont want booster tracks, you can just use MineCartMania ;)
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    u meen my little pic? google images :D
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    I have to say I like it better that you have to do some work to get boosters tracks and they look nice too.
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    He fixed the boat water elevator :,(
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