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Am I crazy, or does this sorta make sense?

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  1. Guys, I just wanna say THANKS for all your dedication to Bukkit. The reason it's so important is, when you take Minecraft + Bukkit to its ultimate logical conclusion, what do you end up with? The first real GUI MUD/MUSH. But in order to get there, we need the game to be able to do all the things you guys are working on. Here is what I think would be necessary to bring us to what could be, in my opinion, quite possibly the pinnacle of online gaming.

    What the players would see:
    -Players make characters with levels/hit points/races/etc.
    -A menagarie of monsters & npc's.
    - Customized weapons, armor, spells, etc.
    -reach a certain level, you can build a castle/dungeon/land
    -boss creatures
    -area-based PVP (mostly pvp with safe areas, or, mostly safe with arenas)

    What is needed for such a thing:
    - ACL's on x/y/z sections (Access Control Lists, for you non sysadmins)
    - sql backend controlling it all: boss drops, character info
    - set spawns w/timers (for bosses)
    - automated backups

    ETC. ETC. ETC!!!!!
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    Custom weapons and armor require a client mod. Bukkit is a server mod.
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    We dont need a second "World of Warcraft". No
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    I do like this idea (for RPG servers though, not default), but it'd be too difficult, and would require a modification to the client, like Fifteen said. Right now, we can only dream. :p
  5. It would require BOTH, really. I'm talking about things much larger than bukkit, really, but I'd thought I'd share here.

    As far as WoW goes, 1. monthly fee; 2. proprietary content; 3. non-customizable. WoW is not a GUI MUSH. it's a MUD. you can't build your own castles in wow. :D
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    I say it could be possible.

    if you have a complex database and attribute almost every action made based upon their stats/status.

    and by that i mean no visual differences, but say "Leather armor on a Thief class character = they have protection and less speed reduction" vs "leather armor on a Mage class character = they have protection but are uber slow". all of these actions, players moving, jumping etc, would impart something of a nightmare as you need to dynamically slow or speed up players, etc.

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