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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lilian58660, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Suggested name: LogoutSystem

    What I want: Is there a plugin which has anti logging and if you are in a safe place you can type in /logout which will log you off the server safely

    Anything that hits you,move you will disable this logout.
    You also need have full hunger and health bar.

    Ideas for commands: /logout

    Ideas for permissions: logout.logout
  2. lilian58660
    What would happen if they log out the traditional way, close their client or get disconnected from another source (such as kick)?
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    lilian58660 What happens if they logout without /logout? I don't know what "anti logout" is
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    Assist Just kick from the server
  5. lilian58660
    Could you please elaborate? Kick when?
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    Skionz If the player esc --> disconnect, NPC spawn during 15sec with his inventory and other players can kill the NPC and the inventory drop. And when the player loggin back, he just die

    Assist When player de /logout, timer in chat and when the player have 1 sec, he just kick from the server

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    Oh hey lilian! I'm the shittiest dev you could ever imagine but I'll take a look at this!
    Good luck with your MineZ Practice server !
    Much love

    EDIT: Never mind underestimated this
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    jorrik98 That's not for practice server...
    don't be scare
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    I can make this... So just to be clear you want it so when they just type /logout it will kick them from the server?
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    Laxer21117 if I understoof it right, he wants is so when you type /logout
    , it will start. 15 second countdown, you need to stand still for those 15 seconds, when 15 seconds are reached you get kicked for' succesfully logged out! ' however if you disconnect or get kicked for any other reason, a npc will span with your inventory, that can be killed and will drop your stuff upon dying. When you log back in it will eithet teleport you to spawn with a empty inventory and tell you who/what killed you, or it will spawn you jn the same spot with the same inventory if your npc wasnt killed.

    Also you need full hunger and health to be able to do /logout
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    The plugin sounds alot like http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/combat-tag/ . Within the plugin there is /logout and if they do /logout there isn't a ncp but if they just leave while in combat there will be a ncp that gets spawned and you can kill it.
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