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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Joro112, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Should there be automatically /login and /register in bukkit? I dont have and I could not find any login plugins, so please give me a link.
  2. what do you mean an automatically login/register?
  3. Shouldn't be needed if you have purchased the game.
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    I need that login thing on my server, so where to get it. And I ment is there already login system in bukkit.
  5. If you have purchased the game, it is not needed. Unless I'm missing the picture
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    I mean that when you connect to server and you have to login or register.
  7. What for?
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    For the user on server, every server what I connect has that /register and /login commands, but my server doesn't have.
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    I believe that's a plugin those servers have to protect them when minecraft.net goes gown. It allows only registered users to login at that time, and blocks all other users from doing anything.

    It's not a necessary plugin, just depends if you want to keep your server running when minecraft.net goes down, or shut down the server and wait until the site returns
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    use xauth
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