Logblock or BigBrother

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jake Rees, May 1, 2011.

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    Jake Rees

    Which one do you guys prefer I'm trying to decide on one
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    Log Block
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    Log Block
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    Used to use bigbrother, but there was a windows of time that it wasnt updated, so I changed to logblocks. Now bigbrother changed dev, and its updated.

    If you really want my opinion, today I use logblock, cause there is no need to change. If I was using bigbrother I would have no need to change too. The diference between them are so little that, any that you choose will fit well.
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    LogBlock from the looks of it.
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    BigBrother, same reason as @anon
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    I recently started using the updated version of big brother. So far so good.

    There will always be a risk of a plugin becoming inactive or abandoned unfortunately.
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    Big Brother simple as that. Several reasons as to why. First of all the plugin was very reliable for me. Its commands are shart and to the point and it protects my server fine. Also the plugin developors never cease to provide players with help. Proof for that fact is that today a question of mine was answered a few hours after posting it. Log block also has some features that I like, but it comes down to what I was using first. When I first started up ybgames bigbrother was my life savor. Dealing with grief was easy and has never changed since. Helps a lot to filter bad players and allow my players to have a positive playing experience. There was a period of time where I used log block so I'm not being bias. I didn't enjoy it niether did my moderators. SO personally I would go with bigbrother.
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    Nathan C

    Well, I used BigBrother forever.

    Just had to move to LogBlock, because there is too many darn bugs in the current versions. Will see how Logblock goes. I also hear

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    Unless log block has been updated recently big brother does more things (like rolling back signs and torches that are attached to blocks that are burnt for example)

    Other than that, they are pretty much the same. I think Bigbrother makes a mistake by trying to use too many different databases, and if you use it to log lava it'll appear to be slow (logblock doesn't log lava)

    Once BB is configured to ignore leaves dropping and lava flows it's not significantly different from log block in performance terms.

    I prefer the text output by logblock, but I'm still using bigbrother because I need something that when I say rollback, the world looks like it did before the griefing took place. Unfortunately, Logblock didn't do that when I tested it.

    Bugs seem moot, every plugin we use on our server is my own version that I've fixed bugs in. You'll be lucky to use anything involved here (minecraft, craftbukkit, plugins) without hitting lots of bugs.
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