LogBlock (Like) Compatible with Tekkit Offering 5 USD To Make

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    I need a plugin that logs peoples actions (Breaking and Placing of Blocks) but is compatible with tekkit (http://technicpack.net/tekkit/) This Mod is Very Complex and advanced if you are interested please email me or PM Me thanks for your time.
    JAC Modding Staff
    Offering Up to 20 Dollars

    No One Want 5 Dollars ?? May Increase if i see an amazing Plugin Made

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    Um you would have to offer a lot more for people to come see
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    Im going to be working on a logging plugin just for moddedbukkit servers very soon i think ill be releasing it publicly to.
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    What do u mean by modded bukkit ? And how much would i need to offer for people to do it
  5. /facepalm

    He's doing it in any case. Of course it would be a nice gesture if you would donate some money to this guy, but that's completely up to you.
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    Hey, I've tried BigBrother, LogBlock and Hawkeye on my server and they all work fine exempt you don't see block placements only block breaking :p. I've seen servers with logblock working fully tough so it's possible. If you want some more information: My Skype is jodelahithit!

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