LogBlock/BB without MySQL please!!!

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Should antigrief plugins have an option to not use MySQL?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Don't use MySQL at all

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    BigBrother doesn't work with the latest build of Bukkit, so I got LogBlock. It forces me to use MySQL for the database, and I don't know how to use it. I got it nearly working but then got an unknown error for the LogBlock plugin. BigBrother just stored the files locally if I didn't have MySQL.

    Developers of antigrief plugins, PLEASE allow the data to be stored locally without MySQL. The situation is even worse for most people besides me because my Mac server comes with MySQL, but the other OSs don't. These plugins need to be available to the MAJORITY of server hosts to combat griefers.
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    Finally somebody has put the question out there! I to would love to use this plugin, but also can be bothered to download mySQL. There is one plugin that I am using which doesn't need a mySQL database, and a fairly simple one at that. It is 'log-v0-8-2-a-lightweight-alternative-to-big brother' This is simple to use, but lacks the essential commands to rollback the griefs, and log liquid griefing.. As well as fire etc. Its good for a simple grief measure, but not recommended, although, it has been serving me well, the rollback part of it is needed badly.

    Logblock/bigbrother has all the logging and rollback abilities which we want, but we are forced to use these smaller, less envolved ones to satisfy out anti-MySQL restrictions..

    Mabey we should just download Mysql.. but it would be great to not have to go to the effort, im sure thousands of people feel the same. How has this gone un-solved for so long?!
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll try it out. Anyway, even if you download MySQL, it seems difficult to deal with. I had it predownloaded, so I set it up. I get an error in the Bukkit console from LogBlock complaining about being unable to create a file then stopping. It logged into the MySQL server successfully, though.
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    hrm... well i guess they could support an option for hard-drive storage, but the server would have to have good RAM and large hard-drive space.
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    I think most servers would use localhost for MySQL anyway. I used to do it off of hard drive, and it wasn't an issue.

    For now, "Log" looks good for my server. I have a private survival server, but there have been a few robberies recently. Nobody griefs on it, so I don't really need rollbacks.
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    I installed 'log' today, and have had no problems with it, BUT... It does come with its limitations, and its limitations are vast.. Not having liquid logs, as well as fire, and rollback, is pretty critical. Half of the problem is finding the griefer, the other half is actually doing something about it. And usually you catch them when the damage is already done :(

    Heres the official link.

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    I downloaded it, but I didn't test it out yet. It doesn't say on the forum anywhere whether or not it can log chest and furnace changes. Can it? That's the main problem. Someone stole 32 legitimately made TNT from my friend's chest. Not only was that expensive, but the thief is likely to use it.
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    That is something that I have not tested.. But I doubt that it would be included in the plugin. It does log if a chest or furnace is removed, or TNT is placed, but not item logs like, stealing or adding items to any in-game storage devices.
    Mabey we can suggest this on his thread and get it patched into the new update ?

    Also, it might be worth disabling TNT for the meantime. I run a survival server also. We have TNT disabled all the time, it only causes problems.
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    My server is supposed to be vanilla. Only my friends, semifriends, and friends' friends play on it, and it's whitelisted. I'm actually secretly installing Log since someone has starting stealing. People know that I'm running Bukkit, but I supposedly don't have any plugins (which has been true until today).

    And I don't like to disable certain items. It involves invasive plugins, and takes out aspects of the game. Besides, TNT is useful for mining and clearing areas out.
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    Mabey try this plugin, I havnt tested it yet, but from its description it states to be able to do exactly what 'log' can do, exept it logs chests etc, and still doesnt use MySQL. And its as simple as using the specific command, getting the tool in hand, and clicking the block you wish to view edits of. I might get this myself.

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    Thanks, I'll try it.
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    My main problem I have is my server host does not use MySQL, so I'm forced to use a 3rd party MySQL database. I've tried 4-5 different places but my server won't connect to the MySQL databases. After about a month of attempts, I gave up. I could let my computer be the MySQL host, but I live at a college dorm. Hence the reason I'm paying a host to host my server to begin with. :/

    When bigbrother worked, it worked just fin for my 10 slot server, didn't request it to do much, occasionally some young player would attempt something and not get noticed for a while, but still get caught. I used to have my BB set to keep a month at most, just in case. Since the server has been inactive for a while, I haven't worried about BigBrother not working. I'm still waiting for the WIP plugin, Guardian to be released. Though lately I haven't checked...
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    Guardian is going to be great for anti-griefing, and I think that would be the push that would get me over the line to making a MySQL database, but if they could 'integrate' MySQL 'out' of it, it would be an even bigger push for my support.
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    Yeah, Guardian looks like what I've been waiting for since I got BigBrother. BB was pretty clunky. It got so many "severe" errors that were not severe, and it didn't fix destroyed signs, doors, etc. Also, it was so bad with other plugins. I hope Guardian supports WorldEdit and stuff better than BB did!
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    If you don't want to bother with downloading MySQL, there are plently of sites that will host a MySQL database for free. All you need to do is set up a name and password with them (that you'll provide to the plugin) and it works seemlessly.

    Personally, I use db4free.net, and have had no problems at all. LogBlock runs beautifully with it, too. :)
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    Thanks for the site. I got that to work somewhat easily, and it seemed to be working fine. I got some error just now that spammed my log a lot and crashed LB, so I did a reload, and now it works. The error was about some kind of invalid thing on the MySQL server.

    I'll see what happens over the next week.
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    Just make sure the port is 3306 and the hostname is db4free.net. The rest you should be good to go on. :p
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    Yeah it is. It has no trouble connecting, but it crashed once so far. It happened right after one of those stupid "Attempted to place entity...." errors, but I think it's a coincidence because I just got 3 more of those errors without a crash. Seriously, Bukkit needs to have some kind of mode that doesn't spam your console with errors that you don't care about. And when a plugin fails, I only want 2 messages at the most, not a million "exception" errors.
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    Sounds nice for you, but if you want your plugin to stop failing, you should give those million exceptions to the plugin developer so it can get patched. If we disable those we can't tell what's broken and you'll be out of luck when something does break.

    On a separate note, SQL get's used for these type of plugins because using a flat file is terribly inefficient and on large-volume servers will just crash. MySQL is not terribly difficult to install, windows has a nice installer package already built, Mac has a nice installer package, and linux has a one-liner install. If you run into issues, you can google it, or ask others here that are running MySQL for assistance.

    MySQL integration into the plugin is not likely to happen, MySQL is a complete stand-alone daemon, why would a developer do that when you they can just say you need to take the time to install it yourself. Kinda how Minecraft requires Java. If you don't want to take the time to install Java, you'll never get to play the game. Likewise, if you don't want to take the time to install MySQL, you'll never get the benefits of using a database for change logging.
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    Again, a lot of people don't even know how to start a server. Antigrief should be easy to install for anyone. I used the free MySQL with LogBlock, and it works except that I got some random error that crashed the whole plugin once. It hasn't happened again so far. Also, what if the MySQL server goes down or you lose internet connection? What if you want offline mode? And honestly, the "severe" errors are usually ignorable. I always get those as well as "Attempted to place entity...." errors, and they don't affect my server at all.

    And for smaller servers like my old public one (which had about 4 users on at a time), local storage was not a problem.
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    Anti-grief should be easy to install, and I think it is right now if you follow the directions. Regardless of the number of people, MySQL takes only a few minutes to install and configure. There's an abundance of information for people who can't figure it out, see link at bottom. If you run MySQL on the localhost, all of the problems you mentioned will go away.

    Offline mode -> doesn't matter, mysql is local
    Internet went down -> doesn't matter, mysql is local
    MySQL went down -> your computer just crashed so Minecraft is down too.

    The only person with reason to complain about MySQL is Liger_XT5, who doesn't have access to install MySQL because he pays for outside hosting.

    Bug your hosting company about getting MySQL, if they refuse find a new host.

    TL;DR - Install MySQL, unless you can't (really can't not just lazy). http://lmgtfy.com/?q=installing+mysql
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    For me, LogBlock crashed when I did localhost MySQL...
    And why make everyone install MySQL and run a MySQL server or get a host when the antigrief developers can just add an option to store it locally?
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    MySQL is faster. Much faster than flatline. And dev's can't just wave a wand and change a huge part of their code to allow for a non-MySQL option because someone can't figure out how to get it to work.

    And, instead of complaining, maybe you should use these forums to find other people with the same problem as you and look at their topics they posted to help fix your issue. Just saying "oh it doesn't work..devs fix now" isn't going to help.
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    That's why I posted this... Someone told me about a good host that works, but I wanted it to be local so I didn't have to rely on outside hosts. I basically got what I wanted: a non-MySQL plugin and a MySQL host. Maybe I should get the source code and make a non-MySQL version of LogBlock.

    And ever since I started using MySQL rather than the local hard drive, my CPU usage for the server has gone up (RAM stayed the same).
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    I just installed LogBlock and by following the directions, everything worked on the first try. So either, you need to update LogBlock, or something was not configured correctly, or installed correctly on your end.

    Would you really complain about having to install Java to run minecraft? Would you just stop playing and bug Mojang to rewrite in something else? Java was chosen because it was best suited for this purpose. SQL just happens to be best suited for hosting a database. Flat files are particularly bad at hosting a database. No plugin developer worth their salt is going to rewrite an existing plugin using slower and less reliable persistence just to appease a limited market of people who won't follow directions.

    That's part of running another process. If you used a flat file, you would be using RAM more instead of CPU. Most people are limited by RAM more than CPU.
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    You guys able to give me a quick tutorial on actually setting this free MySQL up to work LogBlock for my server? I may have missed a 'help' link.. It would be good if you could help out, cheers.
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    Wait, you're unable to install a MySQL server correctly, but are willing to rewrite a huge part of logblock.
    Somehow I view this reasoning as flawed :p.

    I do have to agree with the other plugin devs though. "Antigrief should be easy for anyone". Be serious, installing MySQL on windows is as easy as clicking next a couple times.

    I'm not trying to dis anyone here, but there are loads of plugins that use any form of a database for logging.
    Seeing as a LogBlock DB can get quite large over time, storing it as a "flatfile" would be ludicrous. You'd see tons more cpu usage than you'd have with just installing MySQL.

    Also, instead of just saying "it crashed, fix it", you can file a bug report with the exact exception message. Plugin devs can't fix issues when they don't have the correct bug report :p.
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    I have, the no MySQL part is the only downside I've had with them. They are efficient and quick to help fix any problem that I can't fix on my own.
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    Ok well it just crashed my server again because it couldn't send a packet to the MySQL host. This is total BS, I'm gonna just use a non-MySQL thing like Log. Watch it NOT use more CPU :D

    No, RAM is advancing quickly, while CPUs have not gotten much more powerful since the early 2000s. Always save CPU.

    On most servers I go to, it lags from slow network connection or too much load on the CPU (I always ask why the server lags).

    I've tried storing it just on the HD with BigBrother for a big server over a long period of time. I don't really see what the big deal is. It didn't waste my resources considerably.

    And MySQL is NOT easy when the stupid plugin crashes frequently from it. I have to check my server constantly to make sure it doesn't crash. Seriously, this summer, I'm fixing this stuff.

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    I still do wonder how it can crash your server like that.
    You might not have noticed but cpu's ARE a lot more powerful in comparison to cpu's from 2000.
    Back then we were just crossing the 1Ghz barrier.

    Also, if it really crashes when the mysql server is on the same machine, i'd take a good look at the machine itself rather than blame it on the plugins :p.

    And yeah, BB also uses SQL, but it support SQLite, which stores the DB as a single file. This can be handy for people who don't have access to a MySQL server, but it's loads slower than MySQL when the tables get bigger.

    EDIT: Have you tried to send the complete exception log to the plugin developer, instead of just saying "it crashed" ? :p

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