LogBlock and MySQL not working properly...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by limeramen22, May 2, 2012.

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    Ok so no one on the LogBlock thread would help XD, think its kinda old now :)

    Hmm...I'm having an odd problem, I can't seem to find anyone else's info on it.

    1. Logblock installs fine (good):

    08:15:46 [INFO] LogBlock v1.50 by DiddiZ
    08:15:47 [INFO] There is a newer version: v1.52
    08:15:47 [INFO] Type /lb help for help

    2. But I get this error when trying to find block changes:

    Block changes within 10 blocks of you in world:
    No results found

    3. When I try to rollback someone, I get this:

    Searching Block changes from player ******* in the last 60 minutes in world:
    0 blocks found.
    Rollback aborted

    Any ideas what this could be? All of the MySQL tables are already there, created by logblock.

    sry had to post again cause my comp glitched

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    Same here, mate :(
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    Post all the files in /plugins/LogBlock to pastebin.com then here.
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