Log which players use what commands.

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    Is there a plugin that can be used to log what players use what commands. For example lets say Player1 uses the command /item TNT 100
    Is there anyway I can have that recorded into say a text file? or even have it sent back on the server itself, like when they issue the command the server says (in game): Player1 issued command /item TNT 100

    Is there any plugins like that? or can someone make me one? would be greatly appreciated. And I'm sure plenty of people other than me can find a good use for it.
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    i don't know if such a plugin exists, but i'm working on a plugin which makes it possible to create customized log files. It will be able to log just the commands that players are using. So, if you wait a few days i will send you the link.
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    I think big brother does that. Not 100% sure though.
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    BigBrother does log this. But not very efficiently.

    But @fritzwalter when you get this working, I would love to test it out.
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