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    I had this idea this morning!

    that could well make a plugin like this?

    the idea is simple. every day, if a player connects it receive a gift! it encourages the coup player to come and play.

    the plugin is compatible "Iconomy" but also physical,so the player could receive an item in its inventory

    the alternative could be a sign, striking on a panel, he received his gifts

    thank you!

    sorry for my bad English.
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    I did a bit of work on it. Unable to test it because I am at class, but some one might be able to continue it.


    A few notes:
    • Needs iConomy support
    • loginListener is not registered with the handler
    • Handler is not currently in the driver class
    • Needs a plugin.yml
    Thanks to any dev that helps make this come together.
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    I need more Information... What version of IConomy you use. What kind of Gift? You need Permissions?

    Without Infos no Plugin.
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    I'll throw a random bone out and say.... Latest version of iConomy (not including betas), the gift selection should already be setup in the source I've written, and permission to get the items should probably be used.
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    Zaros I need Infos from Seven...
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    Compatible Iconomy (any version)
    but players can also receive item

    a system of simple persmission players by name.

    players01: true
    players02: true
    players03: false

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