Log block Wont log anything after a server restart

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by raoulster, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Hello, i have been having a problem where log block will not log anything after a server restart, i have to create an entirely new table in MySQL just for it to work again, i dont know whats wrong with it, but it just fails to log anything after the server restarts! I recently tried hawk eye and the same thing happens, it will work fine for hour on end, but as soon as i stop the server and switch it back on again it completely fails, if anyone knows what the cause/fix of this is, please post :) This has been quite dangerous for my server as it does feature a creative world, pretty much griefer heaven lol.
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    Get a mysql hook it up to it typically you ask your server host to give you the credentials
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    It is hooked up to a mysql.
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    Post your config
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    lava-bucket: true
    water-bucket: true
    painting-place: true
    pvp-death: true
    mob-death: true
    other-death: true
    command: true
    chat: true
    join: true
    quit: true
    door-interact: true
    open-container: true
    container-transaction: true
    item-pickup: true
    item-drop: true
    button: true
    teleport: true
    lever: true
    sign-place: true
    sign-break: true
    painting-break: true
    flint-steel: true
    block-place: true
    block-break: true
    block-burn: true
    block-fade: true
    block-form: true
    leaf-decay: true
    mushroom-grow: true
    tree-grow: true
    water-flow: true
    lava-flow: true
    explosion: true
    enderman-pickup: true
    enderman-place: true
    other: true
    max-lines: 10
    log-item-drops-on-death: false
    cleanse-period: 20m
    cleanse-age: '0'
    delete-data-on-rollback: false
    log-ip-addresses: true
    debug: true
    max-radius: 0
    tool-block: '7'
    default-here-radius: 5
    default-tool-command: ''
    check-for-updates: true
    give-user-tool: true
    hawkeye-table: hawkeye1
    port: 3306
    player-table: hawk_players
    username: mcmysql_niglb
    world-table: hawk_worlds
    max-connections: 10
    password: Mod edit (Butkicker12): Censored your password for you.
    database: mcmysql_niglb
    version: 1.0.5b
    - /login
    - /restartsrv
    - /register
    - 97
    - 98
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    Is your table locking up? Can happen sometimes. Go into your MySQl client and run REPAIR TABLE `table-name`;
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    WOW, thanks man!!!! thank you sooooo much :D ok, i cant thank you enough.... THANKS!! :p

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    @raoulster It's probably not the best idea to post your MySQL password on here, I censored it for you. I moved the thread to Bukkit Help also.

    If you still need help ask.
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    ah, thank you
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