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    Hello, I am looking for two separate plugins:

    - Lockpick (pretty sure it's been done before but not updated). Basically a player has to have a certain permission to use this for example lockpick.use. If they have the permission and they are holding a certain item (changeable in config) then they click on a door or chest, after X amount of seconds (changeable in config) then the door/chest opens. This would need to override Towny.

    If you can do this either let me know here or PM me, I will also need many more plugins after this so if you want to develop more for me also PM me. It will be very rewarding for you.
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    There are plenty of plugins like so...
    Allow Lockpicking
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    LockPick still works, but I am working on a major update, and I have been for months now. In fact I would like another dev to help, but I'm doing research into people, contacting them separately.

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